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Does iOS really need any kind of auto-layout?

In case it’s not clear from the above image, a Google search result,, apparently iOS 9 is the biggest iOS release ever. Whatever that means. All I know is that lots of folks are talking about the shiny new adaptive layout, but once again, after losing a day twirling around this new toy, I’ve come to the conclusion that some for-idiots style widgets should be avoided…and autolayout continues to be one of them.

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The usefully esoteric

Today was the day to spend half an hour playing around with variadic templates, and I learned a lot, though not so much about variadic templates. To me this is the real purpose about messing around with language features you haven’t used much. Sure you might have the best intentions of really digging down into that… Continue reading The usefully esoteric

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Inheritance in Objective-C

I know there’s a lot not to like about object oriented programming. It can be more difficult to debug than functionally-oriented scripts. It has side effects up the wazoo if programmers get lazy. Especially in large code bases with a long history, inheritance tends to layered-up. But OOP, and inheritance, are here to stay. Python has embraced… Continue reading Inheritance in Objective-C

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5 * “string” in Pythonic C++

It would be hard to deny that C++ is getting more and more Pythonic, in a good sense. And yet I sometimes still find myself doing silly, old-school, suffer-through-it compiled-language nonsense just to knock something out without really thinking about whether it has to be so hard. When I do think about it, I usually come to… Continue reading 5 * “string” in Pythonic C++